Monday, 21 February 2011

Spaghetti everywhere

I hope everyone is preparing themselves for London Popfest this week. Me, I’ll be overseeing the Sourpatch gig on Thursday night with comrade Andy, then heading down to the big city for Saturday and Sunday. Should be fun on a grand scale.

Not so much fun for my friend Rob who is currently awaiting an emergency evacuation flight from Tripoli so he can be at Popfest. Good luck, Rob.

Amongst the turmoil all over northern Africa and the Middle East, the pop continues from Spaghetti Anywhere whose free ‘Arrochar’ ep is now available for download.

Fans of the early Wake stuff might want to sit up and take notice for a few seconds, because ‘Nice to be Nice’ really, really sounds like them. A gliding pop gem that inhabits the space between your ears for more than a few hours after you’ve first heard it.

‘Kevin Currie’, meanwhile, takes a more folk-y slant, and is the sort of nursery rhyme pop that seems right up my street on a Monday lunchtime at work.

So, amid the chaos there is calm. See you on Thursday in Nottingham, and in London at the weekend.

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Anonymous said...

muito bom excelente!