Friday, 6 May 2011

The strange case of Dorset pop

Remember a few years back when all those corporate indie bands were trying to sound like Joy Division? They were pretty much all shite, weren't they? Well, Bos Angles (one for the terrible bands name file, there) might be five years late, but they've at least they've written one great song, which is more than can be said of Interpol.

Sure, 'Beach Slalom' might completely rip off 'Digital', but what the heck? It's a great song.

Why aren't there more bands from Bournemouth?, he asks in a moment of genuine curiousity. Answers on a deckchair.


dunc said...

You mean like the awesome Betika -

Their first album is an absolute masterclass.

Tiago do Valle said...

Thank you! Really, it´s a great sound. I like Joy Division and these kind of bands, but i know that sometimes they sound like shit! Now, i have this song, nice! Forgive my bad english...