Thursday, 21 July 2011

The night before the weekend after

Remember that feeling that never exists now? The one on Christmas Eve where you used to lie in bed wondering whether you'd get that new bike, or whether your Mum and Dad would buy you the shittest Alba stereo going (guess what happened to me?) - that sort of feeling that, even if you have kids, you'll never have again?

Well, the nearest you're (and I'm talking about me, natch) going to get to that feeling as you sit in your armchair of despair, flicking through old records that you bought over 25 years ago and feeling that life is passing you by as you wade through day after endless day at your pointless job, comes in the shape of the night before Indietracks starts.

This year, for me, this once-a-year night of anticipation is doubly special because I have four of most favourite indiepop turns playing on my doorstep. Not literally, you understand, they'd never fit on, what with the milk bottles and discarded needles, but only a short bus ride into town. All the info you need is here, and below in a delightful flyer, courtesy of Andy Hart.

Whether this show will  be busy or not (it bloody better be) is nearly immaterial. Because we know we can dance along to four ace bands, chat to friends old and new, have a couple of drinks, go to sleep, and the wake up and make our way to Indietracks. Fuck work - life doesn't get much better than that.

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