Saturday, 6 October 2012

The Spook School - Here We Go (Cloudberry)

I saw The Spook School at this year's Indietracks, and, although not really expecting anything from them, it was one of those moments where you instantly fall in love with a band within about five minutes. This doesn't happen very often.

This, their debut for Cloudberry, manages at once to sound like the legendary Deirdres, but with more of knowing nod to the mid-90s US underground. It also sounds like it would fit onto that wonderful first Airport Girl album quite easily, which is a huge compliment.

But perhaps The Spook School's most obvious influence are The Pastels. Not being the world's biggest Pastels fan doesn't mean that I think this single is one of the most exciting things I've heard in quite a while. By the time the gentle distortion fades away at the end of 'Here We Go' you immediately want to go right back to the begin again. This is what pop music is all about.

'Here We Go Again' is available to buy from Cloudberry on Monday. Make their day.

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