Thursday, 22 November 2012

Soft Power to the people

Have you heard those couple of new Spook School songs off of the amazing Soft Power soundcloud page yet? There's a couple of them; the first is called 'You Don't Know', and it sounds like your broken heart falling down the stairs in a tin can. It's possibly the finest song written this year and it makes me want to go out and sit in a park and get roaring drunk. But it's a nit nippy for that. And dark. And Corrie is on soon.

Whilst 'I Don't Know' doesn't quite match it for me, it does bring back the spirit and sound of The Deirdres back in 2008, and all those amazing nights we shared together.

Spook School are perhaps the most exciting new band since the last new exciting new band I heard this year. They write each song like it's their last, play their instruments like they having some kind of torrid affair with them. It's pure exhilarating.

Please, please, please check out the other songs on that soundcloud page. I mean, where have Big Wave been hiding? Lost in music for another weekend.

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