Thursday, 29 August 2013

September Girls go Fortuna Pop!

I know this blog looks like it's rapidly turning into a Fortuna Pop! fanzine, but if Sean Price will insist on snaffling all the best bands, then what's a 39 year old boy to do?

News reached me this afternoon that Dublin's finest, September Girls, have gone and signed to Fortuna Pop! and will release a single in October, then an album in deep, depressing January - which is something ease the pain of spending Christmas with your parents, isn't it?

Aside from all of that, the band are releasing a limited edition tape for Cassette Store Day on 7 September via PINS’ label Haus of Pins, entitled 'Ships'. It's a thing of rare beauty, as you can hear for yourself...


Anonymous said...

Blimey, they lost the compression wars didn't they?

nasro90 said...

niceeeeeeee i like it