Sunday, 8 September 2013

The Occasional Flickers - Capitalism Begins at Home (Cloudberry Records)

If anyone is best-placed to comment on the vicious by-products of capitalism, then it's Athens-born Giorgos Bouras, who has seen his home city under attack from both the neo-fascist Golden Dawn, and a spineless coalition government who seem intent on encouraging the rise of the far right.

Now based in Edinburgh, Giorgos and his (very) Occasional Flickers have a new single out on Cloudberry which rails, in a most arch way, against consumerism and how it affects us all. It features a heroically shambolic guitar solo that only makes me love the song even more, some of the best scratchy, jangly guitars I've heard for a while, and an organ part which brings back the very best of early Comet Gain.

We often bemoan the lack of political pop music being made in these terrible times, but The Occasional Flickers have chipped in with a minor classic of the genre. Okay so it might not stop the carnage currently sweeping the majority of people asunder, but whilst songs like this are being made, hope remains. File under: defiant.

Oh, the video is ACE...

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