Monday, 26 May 2014

New gig, new danger

In case you were worried, we're just about fending off the crypto-fascists here in Nottingham, although we think they stole some people from the audience at the criminally-attended Fever Dream/Cosines/Poirot's Boys show we put on the other week.

Not to worry, because, like the gluttons for punishment we are, we've got another show coming up. It sort of acts as an Indietracks warm-up for half the bill. The other half I'm deeply excited about seeing. It's been a while since we've been brave enough to put such a varied bill on, so if no-one comes to this one, we're going to start a popular revolution and sweep away the political elite. If we can be arsed.

Here, in a lazy way, is a teaser of what to expect. You can find the rest of the secrets to a happy life over on the right, and on facebook.

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