Monday, 25 May 2009

I get my kicks on the A65

A trip to Lancaster and Morecambe the other day saw me "Dj-ing" (man the lifeboat!) in the car with the ipod. At least one of my co-passengers squealed (well, perhaps purred is more apt) with delight when Felt's "Primitive Painters" came on, describing backing vocalist Liz Fraser as "a lovely howling banshee." Hard to disagree, I'm sure you'll agree.

I never really got into Felt. They were far too mysterious for an impatient teenager to make any effort with, but "Primitive Painters" defies any explanations of beauty by getting more and more elegant as it goes on. Just as you think the next guitar shimmer can't get any more spine-tingling, the one after that floors you all over again. And Liz Fraser and that voice finishes the picture perfectly.

It certainly made Morecambe even more humdrum when we got there, anyway.


String Bean Jen said...

YES. This song is chillingly beautiful. I watched this awkward video a few months ago and thought it didn't really match the mood of the song, though.

Idle Fella said...

With you on Felt, and this tune. If they came up with it now it'd be on ad and people would be flocking to buy their other underwhelming work on an album off the back of the exposure.

One question: Liz - would you?

A layer of chips said...

Simon, you're filth. Absolutely not.

In other news: hope you're well. How's things? I missed you last season.