Wednesday, 6 May 2009

The Kick Inside - Oh Vanity! (Oddbox Records)

This is the first release on Trev from Lost Music's new label, and it's a particularly perky way to start. The Kick Inside make a very spikey, sophisticated pop noise, and Oh, Vanity, whilst suffering from an overlong, somewhat clumsy middle eight (or whatever its called - I'm not Brian May) still manages to charm the pants of you by time it fades away.
Meanwhile, It's Always the Quiet Ones sounds a bit like Duran Duran. Honestly. There's something very early 80s Top of the Pops about it. All it needs is brass. That's not something to be ashamed of, of course. Could it be Haircut 100 I'm hearing through the deliberately stripped-back production? Maybe...
Whatever - there are far worse ways in which to launch a new label. And whilst maybe The Kick Inside won't quite win you over just yet with this single, there's enough here to keep me interested.

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Trev Oddbox said...

Thanks for the review Sam! Much appreciated.