Friday, 11 September 2009

Nottingham indiepop all-dayer flyer

The venue is booked. The soundman is hired. The line-up is full. The Swedish are coming. 15 November might just prove to be the busiest gig I've ever put on, if you believe Facebook attendees. But then you really shouldn't believe Facebook for things like this. This much I've learned to my cost plenty of times.

T'other promoter, Andy, has whisked up this scampish poster, probably featuring him when he was in the first incarnation of the Bay City Rollers, some time back in pre-war Germany.

I'm talking rubbish, because the birth of my son has kept me awake for most of the week. Sorry. Hope to see some of you on Sunday 15 November at Bunkers Hill in Nottingham.


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I am not able to attend because my job's schedule, but I would have loved it! However, I always check the flyers they post on Facebook! Next time I expect to reply" I am attending" because it is worth a lot.