Thursday 23 September 2010

The Lucksmiths: And so to bed

A final, posthumous release from the mighty Lucksmiths is out soon on Matinee Records and Lost and Lonesome, and it's a fitting way for them to go.

'Get-to-Bed Birds' just glides. Try listening to this whilst remembering all the times you'd had the time of your life watching The Lucksmiths play lives, or danced in your room to their wonderful records, and it'll be hard not to feel that pang of sadness that this really is the end.

Over on t'b-side, "The World of Professional Golf' is similarly downbeat, telling the tale of drinking, world-weariness and, um, coffee. It's a beauty, anyway.

And the songs fade to white. And that's it. I remember seeing The Lucksmiths supporting Hefner in London about ten years ago, and they blew me, and a few hundred others away. Sixteen years is long enough for any band to keep producing pop masterpiece after pop masterpiece. But what a trail they've left behind.

Download 'Get-to-Bed Birds' here, then go and order the single.

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