Sunday, 10 April 2011

Indietracks TT race

The next load of bands fo Indietracks have been announced. For the list-writers amongst you, they are: Edwyn Collins, Suburban Kids with Biblical Names, Jonny, Butcher Boy, Withered Hand, Pocketbooks, Ringo Deathstarr, Chris T-T, A Little Orchestra, Dignan Porch, The Bumblebees and Papa Topo.

The one that catches my eye in that little lot is Christ TT, whose '253' album I had a hige crush on around a decade ago. He seems to have been around forever, never really fitting into any scene, but I rememeber being taken with that album to a huge degree, then sort of dumping him for no reason at all. Ah, the folly of the late twenty-something.

TT even played a gig I put on; an anti-Jubilee gig with The Regulars in 2000, and another one with The Lollies and The Fairy Traders around the same time. All of that seems a lifetime ago now, and it'll be interesting to hear how he's moved on. I suppose I could always buy one of his new records, but that requires effort.

Tickets for Indietracks are available by calling 01773 747 674 or by clicking here.

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