Thursday, 28 April 2011

A sponger and a rusty spanner

Those refusing to bow down the ridiculous hype and hysteria surrounding the marriage of William Windsor to Kate Middleton tomorrow would do well to look at the following two documents: firstly, an excellent article on why the very idea of a Royal Family with its inherent privilege and general fairytale nonsense, gives lie to the commonly-held idea that we actually live in a democracy.

Secondly, CAMRA in Nottingham has, wonderfully, produced a list of pubs that won’t be displaying any of the garish pageantry surrounding this pompous procession.

Lastly, if you want to see that nothing much changes, then have a read of an interview I did with a deeply confused Billy Bragg back in 2001, around the time of Elizabeth Windsor’s golden jubilee. Makes you wonder why some lefties in music think he’s some kind of king of enlightenment, really.

For a living, breathing, democratic republic eh, comrades? See you on the other side.

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