Saturday, 30 June 2012

All change

Hey, hey, hey - it's Indietracks week! This time next week I'll be almost certainly drunk and lolling about on some grass in the middle of the Amber Valley, whilst around 1,500 pop kids celebrate The Best Weekend of the Year.

This little post is just a reminder that here in Nottingham we're looking forward to waking up with our annual Indietracks Friday hangover by hosting another Indietracks warm-up show. If you're anywhere near the East Midlands, then you really should make it along.

Perhaps just as exciting as that are some changes to our all-dayer line-up in September. First, the bad news: Tigercats and The Whatevers can't make it any more; the former having to go to a pesky wedding that weekend (it's not too late to change your mind!); and the latter actually going and splitting up. Blimey.

Fear not, in their place we have the ace Anguish Sandwich, and, excitingly, Marc and Graeme Elston playing together for the first time in about twenty years. Graeme was in Love Parade, Pure and Slipslide, whilst Marc played in Bulldozer Crash and The Liberty Ship. All of these bands mean a lot, and we're really dead happy that they've agreed to do this one-off (perhaps?) show for us.

For the sake of nostalgia, here's some Bulldozer Crash and Pure stuff. Both these songs make me smile just as much as the Elston brothers' later stuff.

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