Tuesday, 26 March 2013

The Community Games: it's the taking part that counts

Popical Island is fast becoming the go-to label for new music, and so its no surprise that their new 'Community Games' sampler is nothing less than ace.

It's not even out yet, mind, but the four tracks on offer hint at a full-length record that will at times delight and horrify you - just like all the best albums. These four songs zip by in a haze of youthful verve, reminding you what it was to be young and thin and heading out into a night full of possibilities without having to fret about three-day hangovers and the 7am bus to work.

Take the none-more-urgent 'No-One' by Grand Pocket Orchestra, which clocks in at 1 minutes 43 seconds, yet by the time it falls over at the end, seems almost epic. If I was 15 years younger and could still find my cheekbones, this'd be the song of my life.

The schlock-glam from No Monster Club, who contribute the terrifying 'Freaking Me Out' has more energy in its four minutes than I've had in four decades. It's completely all over the shop, but is all the better for that. It disarms you half the way through with a spot of whistling, before going into some kind of drone rock psychedelia and is, in all honesty, about 15 songs in one.

Cave Ghosts, who I mentioned a couple of weeks ago, are here too, with a re-mastered version of their indiepop hula classic 'Hideaway'. I've already said how wonderful this song is, but it bears repeating. Lots.

Ginnels, who have one of the best names I've heard in a while, give us "Rotting Meat", but you can come out from behind the settee because these lot play the most delightfully wistful pop music. This drifts right through me like the best Teenage Fanclub or Gorky's songs.

What you have with Popical Island is something quite rare; a mini-scene that seemingly chucks out great song after great song. Remember those record labels you could rely on? Well, Popical Island is fast becoming the latest in a great tradition. Get in there whilst you can.

You can listen to the Community Games four-track sampler here.

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