Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Life has it in for us, Vol. 2 - available now(ish)!

I somehow managed to shift around 170 copies of the first volume of Life Has it in For Us, which was extremely heartening and made me more excited about the second ep.

I know there are a million cd-r labels out there, so I hope you can find time for one more. Volume 2 is available from next Monday, and features:

Standard Fare - A Night With a Friend
Boy Genius - Eleanor
Mascot Fight - Terry is Chicago Sun
Liechtenstein - Roses in the Park
The Specific Heats - End of an Error
The Besties - Bone Valley Deposit
The Middle Ones - Freely With You

It's free, but if you could see your way to sending £1.50 (£2.50 Europe and rest of the world) to alayerofchips at hotmail dot com via Pay Pal, that'd be lovely.

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