Monday, 31 August 2009

An album only a mother could love

My Mum and step dad came over yesterday, and I made them their dinner. I usually put some music on in the background, just in case I need to let my mind wander when my step dad is boring me shitless about the crane hire business or saying that we really should move to Turkey.

Yesterday I put Pocketbook's 'Flight Paths' on, because, after playing it to death earlier in the year, I'd not heard it for a couple of months. Of course it still sounded marvellous, but then I noticed my Mum tapping her fingers along to it whilst I went and put the apple crumble in the oven. Then a head nod. Then she actually tried to start singing along to it.

My Mum's record collection is virtually zero outside of Rod Stewart albums, and the ubquitous 'Endless Flight' by Leo Sayer (hang on, there's the link!), so this is regarded as something of a breakthrough.

Mum, if you're reading this, here is 'Summertime' to download. And sorry for swearing so much.

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The Disappeared said...

It's always slightly depressing to find that your parents like some of the music you're listening to. After all, that's the whole point of rock'n'roll when you're young - rebellion, making yourself different from the crowd, creating your own identity.
Mind you, when I found out that my mum had some *original* 1960s Beatles albums - on vinyl, in damn near mint condition - I was quite impressed.