Thursday, 18 February 2010

Haiku Salut

Haiku Salut are Gemma, Sophie and Louise, late of the The Deirdres, who you might remember from a year or so back. The threesome make the sort of music that, to my mind, should soundtrack the next series of 'The Restaurant', or maybe a documentary about childbirth. Something that involves producing either food or a baby, then. if you can think of a programme that covers both these topics, then I'd say Haiku Salut are a shoe-in for the music element.

They've got a myspace page and everything now, so you can listen for yourself. My favourite is probably 'Wannabe'. What's yours?


Aaron said...

Not what i was expecting, but i love it. Can't decide on favourite - i like em all!!

steve said...

my favourite is 'quiche'.