Sunday, 21 February 2010

Official warming

If, like me, you're snowbound today, then you might want something to give you that warm glow. So, instead of wetting yourself for kicks, why not watch the new video from We Show Up on Radar. It's totally beautiful.

And, whilst we're at it, if you want to really believe it's not minus seven outside, listen to a new song from Club 8, which makes you want to break out the Pimms. Or it would do, if Pimms didn't taste like rat piss.

Download 'Western Hospitality' here.


String Bean Jen said...

I didn't think I'd like that Club 8 song but I do! I like it lots. Groovy, really.

String Bean Jen said...

And I always thought We Show Up On Radar were some noisy American indie rock band. I think their name is deceiving. Oops.