Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Transmittens interview

Transmittens replied to an email I sent with some really inane questions on it. (That was a clumsy sentence). Luckily, their answers were better. Anyway, it's a nice, brief little interview, and it gives me the chance to plug their bandcamp page.

Tell me how you both found each other, and how long have you been making music?

Danny came to play drums for a band I played bass in... that banddidn't last very long, but the two of us kept writing songs. We'vebeen playing music together since 2004, but didn't start Transmittensuntil a few years later.

How did you come across Wee Pop!?

I totally fell in love with Megamoog and ordered her Wee Pop!release... then totally fell in love with Wee Pop!

You seem to be bursting with songs - is this the case?

Pretty much, yeah. We have like 80 songs and even more little snippets of riffs or melodies, but we only like about 20 of them...

What do you think is the biggest difference between last year's record and 'We Disappear'?

We thought about 'We Disappear' a lot less. Last year's album was acollection of songs, some written over three years ago... before weknew how to record in stereo... We chose the songs we could play live,just the two of us - guitar, keyboard and drum machine, without anybacking tracks or midi setup. 'We Disappear' is more spontaneous. Allthe songs were written recently and there's more variety ininstrumentation.

Is the two minute pop song perfect for you?

It depends on the song...

When are you coming to play in the UK?

Hopefully soon!

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