Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Waving, not drowning

Eardrums Pop, the label associated with the ace Eardums Music, has today released its 'Between Two Waves' album - a completely free compilation of 40 songs on 3 digital volumes.

Stefan from Eardrums Pop said: "The idea behind our fourth compilation is co-operation & collaboration. Bands and artists were invited to find someone to work with and make a new song together in a new project for the compilation.

"The only guidelines we set were that the songs have to be "warm and melodic" and to try to use a new name for the project. So if you look behind the groups you will recognize some familiar artists that you have heard before."

The other day I posted the ace Baffin Island track, a... erm... supergroup consisting of The Hermit Crabs and The Very Most, but you can download or stream the whole shebang from today from here. From what I've heard so far this uncommonly cold April morning, you're in for a treat.

Before I nip downstairs to throw Weetabix in the general direction of my seven month old's face, over the last couple of days we've managed to confirm both Milky Wimpshake and Allo Darlin' for our annual indiepop all-dayer in Nottingham. This year's show takes place a little earlier than usual on 25 September. Rudimentary details are over there on the right...

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