Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Back to the leisure centre

In the barmy, early days of summer before this Coalition government bestowed their "delicious" cuts on us, I wrote about Harry Redknapp and Swansea Recreation Centre.

Apt, then, that Swansea Recreation Centre get back in touch with me at the same time that Redknapp is busy mouthing off to anyone who will listen about how he's threatening not to mouth off any more. Oh, such a loss! Please don't 'arry! Your cheeky persona and blinkered, backward views on certain aspects of the game I love really are the only things that keep me going at a time like this.

Not really; I'd be happy to never see your face or hear your stupid voice again.

The same cannot be said, however, for Swansea Recreation Centre, who have gone and made video for their nonsense-classic, 'Aquatic Finesse'. You might not understand a word they're going on about here, but they make more sense to me than the Spurs manager and professional "character" ever will.

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