Monday, 22 November 2010

Soaked in this fever

Inbetween transatlantic trips in a sealed train to Stoke, Derby, Manchester and Birmingham this week, I'm going to try and fit in some ace new music. Should I stay awake, that is...

Baffin Island, you might remember, are the result of some kind of orgy between The Very Most and Hermit Crabs. The result is a three-track single on EardrumsPop that makes this cold weather seem almost tropical. 'You Invited Me' reminds me of a more laid-back Eux Autres (more of whom later), whilst 'You Make Two Weeks Two Days' sounds like a more depressed School (this is a good thing - honest.

Deliciously, the final track is a cover of Math and Physics Club's 'Darling Please Come Home', and it's as cute as a button. I love this song hard, and this stripped back cover works perfectly. More people should cover Math and Physics Club songs. In fact, I demand a tribute album.

When I have time to scratch my arse, I will bring you news of the aforementioned Eux Autres and a new album from Bubblegum Lemonade. Right now, my tea is ready and I need to bed down for double Coronation Street before another 12 hour extravaganza tomorrow. Life glows.

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