Tuesday, 12 January 2010

All... then nothing

There are days when I couldn't give two hoots about music and trying to keep up with the latest three and seven eighths inch cd-r release on Pisskitten Records.

And then there are days like today, when you take in the majesty of the Saturday line-up of London Popfest; when you listen to the Northern Portrait album for seven hours solid (there's a whole bunch of Matinee stuff you should order immediately - reviews coming when I get a minute to scratch my arse); and when you confirm a date in Nottingham for a band as precious as Withered Hand. And then Stefan from Northern Portrait emails and says they're thinking of coming over to play in the UK in May and maybe I can sort them out a gig, and whatnot.

I really needed all these things happening at once because they've got to last me through two days working in Birmingham starting from tomorrow. Bittersweet, I think, is the word. Or is that two words?

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Marianthi said...

I had one of those days on Wednesday, when in the midst of crazymad workstuff, there was a sweet influx of the loveliest emails exchanges leading to gigs and records and things to look forward to, and remembering brilliant things that happened last year. It was nice - it kept me alive.