Saturday, 9 January 2010

Trisha Yates Fanclub

Spangles, Jim'll Fix It, Spacehoppers, Rubik's Cube - BRILLIANT.

Okay, so there's something slightly too knowing about the name of Stewart Boyracer's new band, the Tricia Yates Fanclub (Trisha being an early 80s character from UK kidsoap Grange Hill - and we're talking pre-Danny Kendall here), but just listen to the music.

I was talking yesterday to a couple of friends about how, although we all love Comet Gain, they - to us - don't really seem to mean it any more. The drunken performances, the no-shows, the way they don't really seem to be bothered about people who take so much from their wonderful songs. This might be a completely misguided preconception, of course, and we hope to see Comet Gain rise again to such blissful heights.

I'm off course here.

In the absence of a Comet Gain you can rely on, why not try the Tricia Yates Fanclub - that's what I'm getting at. Their songs have the same snotty-nosed sass as Comet Gain at their mighty best, and in 'Bruised Underdog' they have one of the best songs Sportique never wrote. They're a bit of fluff alright.


a fog of ideas said...

being called 'the cathy hargreaves fanclub' would've been more knowing... it was cathy (trisha's mate) I had a kiddy-sized crush on... trisha always seemed so miserable and she had the look of phil tufnell about her (mind you that's with hindsight)... cathy went shoplifting with bad girl madeline tanner during a teacher's strike, she's therefore rad and balls nasty... you can relive that sorry episode (or even experience it for the first time)on youtube:

brogues said...

Glad to see ya givin' TYFC some recognition as the lp's a crackin' listen!