Sunday, 9 May 2010

The Month of June - Call it Art (February Records)

God, my head hurts.

The Month of June is Michael Murphy of Manchester By the Sea, and his new single is the first release on the recently-renamed Febraury Records, which used to be Tweefort, as I'm sure you know by now.

'Call It Art' uses the vocoder, but Cher this isn't. It's an almost funky, fizzbomb of a song. A sort of indiepop drum 'n' bass, if you must. It's also a perfect summer song. Go on, open the bus window and stick this on your new-fangled em pee three player.

On the b-side, there's 'Daffodil' - a more straightforward pop song, with a chorus that will accompany your every waking moment from now until eternity. There's also a nice bit of trumpet from Brad San Martin of One Happy Island. I'd go as far to say that 'Daffodil' is the best song here.

Last up is 'She Went Away to Hate', a bizarre, dense, almost shoegazey dollop, which isn't making my hangover any better, and would make you very scared indeed if you were listening to it in an old haunted house or in the middle of Doncaster on a Saturday night.

Ones to follow, for sure. You can download The Month of June's new single here.

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