Sunday, 2 June 2013

In place of strife

Whilst Golden Dawn continue to carry out their Third Reich fantasies in Greece, and the lumpen proletariat rump that is the EDL enjoy their 15 minutes of fame in the UK, it might seem churlish to turn to pop music to take you away from the big cloud of shite that seems to be pouring over us day after day. But, whilst our mainstream politicians wring their hands at the daily atrocities they helped bring about, we can show them what it might like look once they've all been swept down the waste pipe of history by heading off to Indietracks, or, indeed, coming along to our pre-Indietracks party. From there, the festival is only literally around the corner.

We can't promise worldwide revolution just yet, but we know we're on the right track...


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Suicide Dots said...

They just don't give a fuck about us. I mean the politicians. Especially here in Greece but wtf..almost everywhere. And Golden Dawn is just a piece of shit that came up coz someone forgot to pull the toilet flush. I hope they will disappear soon and never come back. But yes, we must unite, worldwide, if we want to achieve something here. Anyway, sorry for the political comment. Enjoy Indietracks!