Saturday, 8 June 2013

Summer Twins

Where have Summer Twins been all my life? Who are these people that have made this horrible, long, week full of LIFE CHANGING THINGS just about bearable? Are they aliens? I don't care...

Summer Twins new single is called 'Forget Me' and it's out on Burger Records. The duo are sisters who play live with a bassist and make the sort of 1950s-influenced garage-pop that's all the rage right now. Indeed, this video is styled to the max, but it sort of doesn't matter to me; it's got an ace old record player in it, and a cat, and a ripple-y guitar effect that flips my stomach right over. You'll listen to this one over and over, believe me.

Frankly, Summer Twins make me want to dress up and get my hair cut into a bob, which is quite something for a 39-a-half-year old male. Be afraid.

You can buy the 'Forget Me' ep here, and you really, really should. In the meantime, I'm about to wade into this lovely lot.

Summer Twins: Forget Me from Joy Newell on Vimeo.

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