Monday, 30 November 2009

Shrag - Rabbit Kids (WIAIWYA)

I don't really get the Huggy Bear comparisons when it comes to Shrag - i think it's a bit lazy, really. And as much as I'll always hold Huggy Bear very dear, Shrag make songs with just as much pop vitality as the riot grrrl heroes.

'Rabbit Kids' is like a siren for happy times. It should be installed into every alarm clock in the world. It starts off like a punk rock Glitter band and the sticks two fingers up to everyone and everything. It's the sort of record you can skip down the road with your best mate to, but you can also do the ironing on a wet Tuesday afternoon with this in the background, and it'd still sound important, righteous and thrilling.

Yes, it passes the ironing test.

Shrag have recently finished recording their second album, ‘Life! Death! Prizes!’ which will be released in early 2010, it says here. This single is out on 14 December. Buy it, for heaven's sake.

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