Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Brilliant at Breakfast

The last couple of days I've had that brittle feeling that something terrible is around the corner. I can usually get over it and put it down to tiredness, but if I get run over the number 10 bus to Ruddington at some point before the weekend, don't say I didn't warn you.

However, I think I've found something to calm myself down. It's a band called Brilliant at Breakfast, who, I believe, are from Indonesia. Their myspace page features three precious little songs designed to put a freshly washed duvet over your worries and whisk you off to somewhere a little less stressful.

Brilliant at Breakfast remind me a less peppy A Smile and a Ribbon, or, at times the late Harvest Ministers. They say their influences like in Sarah Records, but I think there's a little more to them than just that. I can hear some synthpop in here, too, and perhaps a passing resemblance to some of the less lounge Siesta pop. Whatever. It's pretty brilliant.

Whilst I've grabbed your gaze, the band have a single out on the prolific February Records at the moment called 'Almost Verbose'. I heartily approve of 'Nobody Ever Died of a Broken Heart'. This'll be followed up by an album on Paperplane Records later in the year.


Unknown said...

Thank you for such nice words! :)

The debut LP of the band coming out late of 2010 will be a co-release with Susy Records from Peru. The band will also release a single with WeePOP! records around August.

Best regards,


Brilliant at Breakfast said...

Hello there, thanks a lot for the review. Greatly obliged!

Cheers from across the globe,
Brilliant at Breakfast