Monday, 12 July 2010

Opposites attract

Yes! A post about the legendary Paula Abdul song from the early 1990s.

There's always at least one new band you fall in love with at Indietracks each year, and this year I've had advance notice of which one it'll be. Cineplexx's new single, 'Tiger Trap' (and that's confusing matters to the most ridiculous degree) features Duglas from BMX Bandits and Norman Blake and should sound fantastic in the church as the sun begins to set at this year's festival.

'Tiger Trap' is the sort of hazy lullaby that I'm a complete sucker for and, even on a rainy Monday, makes the world a much brighter place. Seek them out at Indietracks, for sure. The single is released by Cherry Red today.

Meanwhile, through the angular pop window...

It gives me a little tingle inside to realise that Spraydog are still going strong, and it makes me even more excited that they have a new album out on the excellent Jigsaw Records label. Alas, it looks like ‘Impress and Defend’ will be the band’s last album, but they’ve gone down fighting, ‘cos here are (a lucky) 13 tracks full of ace, skewed pop that brings to mind Urusei Yatsua, Versus, Seafood even.And so there’s some really thrilling discordant stuff here like ‘Trading Zeniths’ that might not get heard by the indiepop community, and that’d be a shame. Or, if you’re after moments of pure beauty go in search of ‘Effort Syndrome’, which reminds me of the dear, departed San Lorenzo.

Basically, this is the sort of stuff I was listening to in The Wilderness Years of the mid- to late-90s, and whilst Spraydog don’t go for the revivalist button, they do remind me that there’s more to life than a ‘Be My Baby’ drumbeat and a perfect fringe. But not much more.

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