Monday, 5 July 2010

Talk about the passion

There’s a lot said about the feeling of togetherness amongst the indiepop micro-scene, and I’m not really sure I agree with all of it, but when you’ve fretted madly over putting a gig on - as I did in the weeks leading up to the Cannanes/Sarandon show at the weekend - then it makes all the sweeter when it all, despite everything, feels right.

That’s what happened when I was stood there on Saturday night at about half ten, with the tension washed away by some supportive friends and a certain amount of dodgy continental lager. Sure, the gig wasn’t packed - far from it. But when The Cannanes start playing their songs, then you could be stood alone in the middle of Mansfield and the world would seem like a brighter place. The only downside to the whole evening was learning that I’d been pronouncing Cannanes wrongly for about 15 years, which was kind of mortifying. Still, when you struggle to say “statistics”, then nothing is sacred.

Tony came up to me half way through the gig. We were both a bit drunk, and he leant on my shoulder and said: "Frances from The Cannanes has the best modern folk voice in the world!" He said it about four more times, but I'll put that down to extreme refreshment, but for a while we were both convinced he was right. And maybe he is.

A pretty much perfect weekend (bar a deathly hangover yesterday) was rounded off by listening to the new Liechtenstein single, ‘Passion for Water’. I think it was Lynsey who said to me over the weekend, that she could tell from the first five seconds of this song that it was going to be wonderful. She wasn’t wrong. If anything signals that summer is here, then this song is it. Also, I'm pretty much sure this song is about Cleethorpes boating lake. I'll assume it is until told otherwise by someone in authority.

Look at me name-dropping people like I HAVE FRIENDS. Pathetic.

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Dennis said...

So, uhm... how do we pronounce Cannanes?