Monday, 19 July 2010

'Twas the week before Indietracks...

Remember those Christmas Eves when you were a kid? The ones where you'd go to bed in a right old flap, wondering what ace presents you'd wake up to the next morning? Well, that's what the week running up to Indietracks is like, only you get little tasters here and there - little unwrapped gifts in the shape of warm-up shows.

Last night I went to one of these to see Plouf!, The Pete Green Corporate Juggernaut, Horowitz and The Parallelograms play in Nottingham. Okay, I missed the last two bands because I'd been packing belongings all day in preparation for moving house and I was knackered, but still, you could sort of sense the excitement in the air. The hardcore crowd of East Midlands indiepoppers were counting down the hours to the weekend. So am I.

The are warm-up gigs all over the country at the moment, and two more in Nottingham this week. On Wednesday Springfactory play with Boy Genius, Onward Chariots and Captain Dangerous at The Central.

The very next night The Specific Heats play with Horowitz and Burly Nagasaki at the Malt Cross. I really hope I can afford to go to at least one of these. Which cruel despot decided to put July's pay day on Friday?

See you on Saturday near the church.

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