Friday, 23 January 2009

The Besties are back!

Rejoice, rejoice! The Besties' new album is out at the beginning of February. It's called Home Free, and is out on Hugpatch Records. Here's the track listing:

01 Right Band/Wrong Song
02 What Would Tim Armstrong Do?
03 Helgafell
04 Nightwatch
05 The Gothenburg Handshake
06 Birthday
07 M.F.D.
08 St. Francis
09 Julie Jane
10 Man Vs. Wild
11 79 Lorimer

You can pre-order it not from Hugpatch in the US by paypalling $10 ($15 Int'l) to I'm about to do that right away.

I desperately hope that The Besties come to play in the UK again soon. I put them on about 18 months ago in Nottingham and it was easily the best gig I've been involved in.

The gig was on a Monday night, right after Indietracks, and I was tremendously tired. I didn't think anyone would show up. An unknown band from Derby called The Deirdres were playing, and Tom from Lardpony had said that were "good, but ramshackle". A Smile and Ribbon also played, and were wonderful. Svante's dancing lives with me to this day.

As it turned out, The Deirdres were a revalation that night, about 50 people showed, and The Besties rocked our indiepop socks off. I've rarely been in a room so full of joy.

So, you should all buy the Besties album - just so they can come and play down the road from me again. Okay? Here's Prison Song:

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