Sunday, 8 February 2009

Encounters with strangers in lonely places

I finally got around to getting some storage for my cds. Regular viewers will no doubt be able to sleep a little easier now.

As I was putting everything in alphabetical order, I came across stuff I haven't touched for years - dusty and scratched and generally over-loved years ago, but now completely forgotten. Like, say, the first Chris TT album. And then there was stuff I had no idea I actually had, like a couple of Firestation Tower compilations, which are full of lovely-looking songs; and a three ep series called the International Pop Underground, or something, which looks even more wonderful.

I thought I'dhave a quick look through muy vinyl to see if this occured again. It did. Where on earth did I buy that Greek Smiths maxi-single? And whenever did I pick up the twelve inch of Kidney Bingoes by Wire? I'm glad I did, like, because it's brilliant. But I didn't know I had it until about two hours ago. This whole thing terrifies me. What if I've murdered a rabbit and hidden it in the cellar and don't remember doing it at all?

But most of all, looking through my record collection made me sad and horribly nostalgic. So I went and cleaned the windows instead.

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Pete Green said...

I'm guessing your 12-inch of 'Kidney Bingos' was from Andy's Records in Grimsby, for no better reason than the fact that that's where mine was from as well.