Wednesday, 11 February 2009

Vom it

Vom Vorton is Tom from Lardpony's dirty weekend secret, and I love it. It's just Tom on his own, and he's doing that whole write a complete album in one month thing, which I think is pure madness, but there you go.

Vom Vorton is different from Lardpony, for sure. The songs are written on Tom's collection of knackered out vintage synths and stuff (do I really sound like I don't know anything about musical instruments? Good), and they're crunchy and funky in a way that makes me want to bend my knees a bit. They also sound a bit like the stuff on Dead Media by Hefner, should that butter your toast.

There's a rather attractive looking album launch for the Vom Vorton and Mascot Fight albums in Derby on 16th March, that I think I might try and get to.

Meanwhile, download a Vom Vorton song here


Marianthi said...

Excellent/awful title! (I can't decide.)

I love Tom's songs. He does the wordplay thing so much better than The Lucksmiths.

"If you're wondering whether it's wandering weather..." Woohoo!

A layer of chips said...

Any chance you get to bash the Lucksmiths. It'll be single mothers next.