Sunday, 15 February 2009

Morrissey, indeed...

I don't know if you saw Morrissey on the Jonathan Ross show the other night. It was quite strange.

Anyway, on the show Morrissey played Throwing my arms around Paris, which is a pleasant enough little single, and then did what I think was a really ace version of This charming man. It was ace because it was completely surprising, and was totally different to how you think the song should sound live.

As someone pointed out on the anorak forum, it was really good that Morrissey's guitarist didn't try and copy Johnny Marr's guitar pickings, and the song came out as this kind of rockabilly number, which Morrissey really seemed to enjoy.

I'm not quite sure why he seemingly gets on so well with Jonathan Ross, mind, but that's none of my business. We all have odd friends who have made misguided phonecalls to the niece of a Fawlty Towers star, after all...

Morrissey's new album comes out tomorrow, and I can't afford it until I get paid a week on Tuesday, but according to a friend, "it sounds a bit like Vauxhall & I. Which is all very fine with me.

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