Monday, 2 February 2009

Memory Babe

There's a lovely little thread on the indiepop list about which is the most essential shoegaze song. Apart from the fact that it always fascinates me as to what is classified as shoegaze and what isn't depending on what part of the world you live in, a few people have mentioned The Boo Radleys' Memory Babe, which is just the most heartbreaking of songs.

I know I whittered on about the Boo Radleys the other day, but Memory Babe is so deliciously melancholy, that I hunted it down on youtube at work, played it and nearly started crying my eyes out, sat on my own in my office. I'm not sure what they says about the state of the world, really.

It's the line: "Remember when we used to stay up all night and laugh" which kills me every time.

I'll stop posting old youtube clips soon.


Anonymous said...

dude, that is not even a showgaze song. for some great modern s.g., check out the fauns. they're really worth cryin over. also the song, "with silver face we own the night", by sky vorpal.

A layer of chips said...

Oh, I'd say it is a shoegaze song. EAF is most definitely a showgaze album, after all.

I've listened to The Fauns. Very nice stuff. If you'd like a review on the blog let me know.