Monday, 8 December 2014

Lost Pets

I have to declare an interest here, the wife's the drummer. But there are four other people in Lost Pets, and every one of them makes this three-track demo something to treasure as 2014 slips away from us.

Lost Pets have played three gigs, and only started practising six months ago. How, then - are these songs so full of pop magic?

Not that many would imagine 'Diamonds and Cobblestones' to be a pop song. A wistful waltz that could easily be played at the next Coronation Street wedding as the first dance, it's got Rebekah Barnett's tremulous voice across special guest Marc Elston's tremolo, whilst Hannah Bond honks her brass beautifully in the background. It twinkles and lopes and is downright beautiful.

Over on 'Get Out' Lost Pets get mean, a plaintive rant against a controlling other, with garage band drums, butter-wouldn't-melt glockenspiel and more Hannah Bond honking, but it's 'Richard Loves Doris' that really steals the show, with it's 'Be My Baby' drumming, bouncing bass and starlight glock. It's fun and cocky and wry and knowing and completely disarming innocent pop. You should try it.

Lost Pets play the Glasgow PopSouth! Weekender, which runs from 13th-15th February.