Saturday, 12 March 2011

The Louche FC

I very often these days ignore emails from press officers telling me how fantastic a new band on their roster is. Mainly because they're usually not, but some Elbow-wannabes, and we don't really need that in our lives, do we?

However, I'm glad I followed up an email about Manchester's The Louche FC. Not only do they have a great name, but they make some very pretty pop music indeed. There are two tracks available to listen to on the Sways Records bandcamp page.

'Back Bedroom Casualty' is strident, confident and a little bit cocky, and reminds me a little bit of the first time I heard Evans the Death. But  it's 'Only in a Dream' that pinches the prize. A sort of doo-wop shoegaze mini-epic with soaring guitars that bring to mind Swervedriver before they went completely shite, 'Only in a Dream' would really be the first song at your forthcoming wedding if it didn't have death disc connotations.

if The Louche FC play outside of Manchester and nearer to Nottingham any time soon, I'll very proably go and stand at the front and fall in love. As it is, I'm thinking of making the trip up there to see them on 31 March in Fallowfield.


Unknown said...

Very kind of you, you'll receive a very warm welcome from us if you come up to Fallowfield!

A layer of chips said...

Hi Simon,

I'll definitely be there! Really looking forward to it.


toby said...

Wow, very nice! Way to find the needle in your haystack of an inbox.