Sunday, 15 January 2012

Tunabunny - a plague on your UK tour

I've managed to get a sneak preview of the Tunabunny side of their new split single with Shrag, which is out coming out in time for their tour of the UK in late Feb/early March, and, as ever the band has surprised me.

'Locusts' builds on Tunabunny's new found pop sensibilities, but adds a touch of new wave menace to it. Think Gang of Four mixed with early, better, Throwing Muses and you'd be about there.

To say I'm excited about seeing Tunabunny in March is an understatement. Sure, they aren't you typical indiepop band, but then I don't dress in aprons and rosettes all the time, you know. Some of my best friends wear North Face fleeces.

I really wish I could share 'Locusst' with you - suppose you'll just have to wait and buy the split single at the gigs. Especially, erm, at the Nottingham one


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Deb Chasteen said...

Now y'all can skip a trip to Athens, GA, a town coasting on long, long ago glories, as we send you (well someone with money sends you) our best: Tunabunny.