Friday, 13 April 2012

Joanna Gruesome

How remiss of me not to remind you about how great Joanna Gruesome are.

Their name is splitting the nation down the middle, of course, but who really cares what names bands give themselves, and aren't most band names stupid anyway, when you think really hard about it? Yes. Yes, they are.

What you really need to know is that Joanna Gruesome are very, very good. They remind me equally of early Lush and Ride, as well as AC Acoustics before they went terrible, Uresei Yatsura... you get the idea, and then you do add a great big dollop of bubblegum pop in.

Oh, and according to reports from the frontline they'll "shred you ears" live. Mine went years ago, so this holds no fears for me.

You might have noticed, if you tend to notice these things, that they're playing Indietracks over the summer, as well as our Indietracks warm-up show on 5 July, and our all-dayer on 29th September.

You'd be a total flaming idiot to miss either of those, or any other time they play live within 300 miles of your front door.

Here are Joanna Gruesome with the remarkable 'Madison'.

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