Friday, 11 May 2012

For heaven's sake, just split up now

Andy Hart of a fog of ideas blog and various things he calls "tumblr" (whatever that is) has done us a flyer for that gig I was rambling on about amidst the trauma of the in-law visit earlier in the week.

I'm not really sure what those young ladies are doing, but it's going to be splendid. Whilst you sit up night after rubbing yourselves at the thought of these four bands being in the same room on the same night, hear this from Mike Turner at HHBTM:

ORCA TEAM "Restraint" pre-order is now live.
On CD or LP, which you can order just the album or the deluxe edition. What's in the deluxe edition you ask. Well a silkscreen totebag, a button (or for you european folks a badge), a live cassette with a silkscreen j-card, and if you pick the vinyl version color vinyl. The color vinyl copies will only be for direct mail-orders either from HHBTM or some great mailorders that have always carried HHBTM records in the past will be getting copies as well, or you might be able to get one from the band on tour with the handful of copies they will receive. Only 50 pre-orders being taken, 50 color vinyl for the pre-order, 25 color copies to the band (more than likely sold before they get to the UK this summer), 50 copies split over other fine mail-order shops, and 25 for folks who don't want the deluxe version but order early. Act fast, won't have them long. Orders will be shipping 2nd or 3rd week of June.
Don't let me down by not buying this album. It's a masterpiece.

In other news, and call me behind the times if you want to, whippersnappers, but I've just listened to that version of 'Crash' by Belle and Sebastian for the first time. Nurse! Pass me the gun.

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