Thursday, 13 September 2012

Lies, lies and government

If, like me, you found yourself crying whilst Jamie Carragher read out some dead people's names yesterday, then you probably need something completely joyful like pop music to bring you out of the anger/shock/revulsion you're feeling right now over the fact that the establishment lied to the families of dead people for over two decades. As ever, comrades, I'm here for you.

I did this last year, and it seemed quite popular, so I'm going to post a load of videos from the bands playing this year's Nottingham Indiepop All-Dayer. Details are over there on the right. This will be the fifth all-dayer, and we think (and no disrespect to those who played previously) that it's the best line-up we've put together.

So, by way of a half-arsed preview, here you go:

Anguish Sandwich

Milky Wimpshake

The Fireworks

Standard Fare


The Give It Ups

Sock Puppets

20110730 - Indietracks 2011 - Sock Puppets from Eolrin on Vimeo.

The Hobbes Fanclub


Marc Elston (in Bulldozer Crash)

... and Graeme Elston (in Pure)

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