Friday, 2 November 2012

September Girls - Wanting More (Matinee Recordings)

One of my favourite memories of this musical year (I sound like David Hamilton now) was seeing September Girls wandering around the Indietracks site, clearly loving every moment of being in a band, looking like a band, and basking in the fact they knew pretty soon that they'd be playing to a rapt audience in the church.

Soon after that Jimmy from Matinee sent me an email asking if I had some contact details for the band. I'm not saying for one moment that I have any part at all in creating this wonderful record, but it's nice to hear from others who appreciate sheer bloody brilliance, isn't it?

Throughout the three flawless tracks on this seven inch, September Girls create something so exciting and deeply beautiful that it's hard to understand why they aren't pop stars already.

'Wanting More' is like a clarion call to the fragile, all organs and fuzzpop and reverb, it's refrain of "Where did you go?" and 'Take me back to where the summer last forever" touch kind of nagging insecurity that most of us all feel from time to time.

Meanwhile, 'Hells Bells' sounds like the Shangri-Las fronting early Jesus and Mary Chain. This pleases me a great deal, and 'Hells Bells' is easily as strong - if not stronger than the title track, with its swirling Farfisa, growling bass and shimmering stars.

Last up is the rollocking instrumental 'Man Chats', two minutes of thunderstorm pop. It's the sort of music you'd play if you'd got away with robbing the world's biggest sweet shop. It's immense, really.

A little piece of plastic to treasure. Buy it here.

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