Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Old Lacy Bed

There are some things that don't remind of first falling in love with Lush, but I'm afraid Japanese indiepop band Old Lacy Bed (ace name) aren't one of them. Not that this four-piece are shoegazers or anything like that, you understand - they sound more like those wonderful early Lush songs that mixed soft psychobilly with a ton of effects pedals to create something to treasure.

So, that's what Old Lacy Bed remind me of.

Dufflecoat Records is set to release the band's new single, 'Little Girl' in June. It's fair rattles along in a discordant, impatient shuffle with plaintive, world-weary vocals, and some instantly huggable 'ba-ba-bahs' thrown in. Rocket science it isn't, but it's the sort of dark pop music that, with all its coy pleasures, warrants instant attention and further discovery. You'd be hard pressed to resist.

There are a few more songs on the band's soundcloud page, with 'Vivid' in particular standing out as one of those songs you'd stick on a mixtape to someone you really, really fancied and were trying to let this be known by The Power of Song. Everyone used to do that, right? It's pretty dreamy anyway.

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