Monday, 14 October 2013

September Girls - Heartbeats (Fortuna Pop!)

Oh, you might think that September Girls would lose some of their inherent menace now that they've signed up to one of those proper pop labels. Once again, you're wrong... so very, very wrong.

This single, their debut for pop hit mince machine Fortuna Pop! sees the fivesome veer towards early Lush on the A-side, whilst always keeping a sense of the tribal, with Siouxsie-ish drums and bass. It's the perfect soundtrack to one of those nights in on your own when you're pissed off and have nothing but a cheap box of wine to get you through to the morning. Least that's what I did with it at the weekend, anyway...

Over on the b-side. 'Wasted' turns the reverb up to 11 and wallows in its own dark, dark glory. Mysterious enough to make you strain to try and heard the well-down-in-the-mix vocals, it gives you the impression that it'll explode into some kind of glorious, joyous noise any second. Of course it doesn't, and it's probably all the better for that.

The album can't come soon enough, to be honest. Along with another Nottingham show.

September Girls are playing some dates in England this week. Don't be a div - go and see them somewhere:

15th Oct - Leaf, Liverpool (with PINS)
16th Oct - Bulls Head, Birmingham (with PINS)
17th Oct - Belgrave, Leeds (with PINS)
18th Oct - The Waiting Room, London
19th Oct - Kraak Gallery, Manchester - part of 'A Carefully Planned Festival' - stage time 3pm

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