Thursday, 10 April 2014

A field of their own - more Indietracks bands announced

It's not even Easter yet and I'm starting to plan for Indietracks. We're camping this year, which fills me full of dread, but we're going with my brother, so I'll just bung him in my ears if anyone tries keeping me awake.

Anyway, what's this? More Indietracks bands announced. Yeah! So, to add to the last little lot (scroll down, I can never be arsed to link stuff), are: Laura J Martin (UK), TeenCanteen (UK), Los Cripis (Argentina), The Just Joans (UK), Linda Guilala (Spain), Elopes (UK), Big Joanie (UK), Axolotes Mexicanos (Spain), Slum of Legs (UK), Cosines (UK) and MJ Hibbett and the Validators (UK), Hidden Cameras (Canada) and Joanna Gruesome (UK).

I'm particularly chuffed that I'm going to get to see Joanna Gruesome again after trying desperately to get them to come and play in Nottingham for the last 18 months. False starts and cancellations have hampered that.

Also, I'm past the stage of caring who's played before (and what's more I can't remember). Indietracks does a brilliant job of showcasing the huge, yet tiny, world of indiepop. I mean, why else would a band from Argentina come and play in at railway station in the Amber Valley? That's pretty special, if you think about it, isn't it? And so is Indietracks.

Here's the science bit:  Tickets are now available at an early bird discount price of £65 (weekend) and £35 (day). These cheaper prices are available until 5pm on Sunday 11 May. After this date, prices will be £72 (weekend) and £38 (day). Weekend tickets for children aged 5-15 are £10, or £6 for a day ticket. Children under 5 get in free.

Tickets are available by calling the railway direct on 01773 747 674 or visiting

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