Monday 7 July 2014

Tyrannosaurus Dead/Joanna Gruesome split single (Oddbox Records)

Everything is coming to a grinding halt.

But I'm sparked into a life again by a tremendous split-single from Tyrannosaurus Dead and Joanna Gruesome on Oddbox Records, which has made working 14 hours days seem less and less and important. Fuck it, it's not important at all to work 14 hour days, is it?

Jo-Gru commit last year's 'Weird Sister' opener 'Anti-Parent Cowboy Killers' to the single. Oh, it's all sweetness and light for about 12 seconds, then it creeps onto another level, all loathing, and power, and pep and - to be honest - deep, deep excitement. Joanna Gruesome are set to completely walk all over this year's Indietracks, and I can't wait to see them again.

Mind you, Tyrannosaurus Dead aren't half bad either. Their 'Post Holiday Dead Song' is somewhere between Seafood, Uresei Yatsura and the Pale Man Made, T-Dead make a beguiling sound, all drawling, cool vocals laced with a sad, vulnerable lyrics - all encased in a warm, comforting wall of fuzz.

They used to release singles like this all the time on seven inch when I were a nipper. Now it's all downloads and lost files on your computer. It's great to see Oddbox keeping the flame alive - this single is out on 21st July on the lovely plastic stuff.

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